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My Benelli M4


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this is my m4 tricked out pro mag stock, mesa tactical side saddle, freedom fighter trigger, hammer, and disconnect, ggag oversize charging bolt, surefire rail, tangodown rear foregrip, barska front foregrip 260 lumes, freedom fighter 2 round mag extension, barska 5mv green laser, green follower and a tactical breecher trulock. enjoy suckers.

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I confess that this is not my favorite build, but I'm sure it works for you. Some questions...


Two foregrips? What?

Do you hold one foregrip in each hand and then have someone else pull the FFT trigger? Can we get a video of this immediately if not sooner? Because that would be awesome. : )


Don't the GG&G charging handles break? Get your order in over at carriercomp or keep the OEM version close at hand.


I do kind of like the breecher.

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No disrespect but here is my honest feedback as a long time M4 shooter. The setup is far from optimal. Accessory selection & setup is indicative of someone not well versed or current in combat shotguns or their employment. The base M4 was a great choice, and the C-stock selection was good. A carrier comp Ti tube should have been used instead of the 2-rnd extension to remove weight from the front end, oversized charging handle selection was the worst of the available options, Light/VFG combo selction was poor and adds weight in the worst places. Breach standoff is likely no-value added in this app and adds 3-4 ounces in the worst location.


The positive thing is you already have the best starting point available. My best recommendation to transition this into a great situation is to remove both VFG's, light/laser, side saddle, go back to the factory forward handguard, remove the breacher, and sign up for a "top-tier" combat shotgun training class. After a 3 day class with a nationaly renoun combat shotgunner/gunfighter you will be prepared to configure your M4 in a way that is appropriate for gunfighting.


Again no disrespect I'm just providing inputs/recommendations to help get your M4 setup truly optimized.

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