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M2 Tactical Parts Diagram


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Is there an owners manual specific to the Tactical model?

None that I'm aware of. Just the general M2 manual, that is available on the Benelli site. The are only a few parts that are unique to the M2T, so it makes sense that there would not be a unique manual. I suppose you could simply print only the pages that apply.


"Commando" had a link in this thread, but it leads to only R1 gun info on the Brownell's site.


If you do find one... I'll be pretty impressed.


Happy New Year!


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On the Brownell's site, once you go to the Benelli schematics you then have to click on "Shotguns". That will drop down a list of shotguns. Their site only lists M2 bolt and trigger assemblies specifically but an M2 is pretty much the same as an M1 internally if you're just looking to see the relationship of the different parts.

Numrich schematic, M2 field: http://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/Benelli-33150/Shotguns-35372/Semi-AutoShotguns-40729/M2Field-40591.htm

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Yeah... I was looking at the Numrich diagram, but I figured mcthracker already found it by now. When I go to Brownell's, I get schematics, brands, Benelli, R1 stuff.

I don't see "Benelli schematics you then have to click on "Shotguns". Want to be a peach and link me to that truckcop? Gracias.

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