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Chokes for Performance Shop SuperSport, Standard SuperSport, and Original Vinci


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I have a 12ga Performance Shop SuperSport that came with Briley Extended Chokes that are listed with 0.733 bore. I also have some Benelli Extended CrioChokes. Can these all be used in my Performance Shop SuperSport, Standard SuperSport, and Original Vinci? Will they be the same disignation (M, LM, IC, etc.) no matter which gun I use them in?



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Sorry for resurrecting zombie thread, but it appears that this question was never answered.


I also have a 12 ga Performance Shop SupertSport, it also came with five default choke, as shown inhttp://www.benelliusa.com/shop/chokes-wrenches/crior-extended-chrome.


However, I believe the regular SuperSport version did not have Briley backbore to .733, where as the performance shop have the backbore. You should be able to tell if it is backbore by looking at the barrel.


Now. you can probably still use the existing five chokes on a backbore shotgun, but there will be an issue. I will attempt to illustrate.


regular barrel ID (0.72 I made this up for the purpose of illustration, as I don't know what the regular version barrel ID is.) start of regular choke ID (0.72)


Supersport barrel ID (0.733 notice it is backbored, metal was removed from the inside of the barrel, thus increasing the inner diameter).

start of regular choke (0.72), as you can see, there is a disconnect, such that bbs will have a sudden transition.


This is probably why you want to use the correct choke. If you are ordering aftermarket, such as from Briley, make sure you've mention that you are using performance center, that way they'll know the bore ID is 0.733.

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