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My Benelli is wearing abnormally!?


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Okay all, I know we spend good money on this weapon. It isn't a Hi-Point, and it isn't cheap. It's normal for someone who cares about their investment to worry at least a little bit, especially when you aren't familiar with the platform. I have been guilty of the same exact thing.


I would advise before creating a huge thread, etc. though, that you go to http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi and type in something like "Benelli M4 ejection port"...guess what pops up?


Tons of pictures of them. Many from this very forum.

They all have wear and tear from ejected hull rims. You can safely conclude "This is normal" as long as yours is somewhat similar.


Anyway, I'm pretty dang OCD myself, and this has helped me chill out and not start a thread about something that is a non-issue before as well. If you still want to start a thread, fine, but this is immediate feedback with visual. Can't beat that.

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