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Where can I order a Benelli online?


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I am looking to buy a Benelli M4 tactical. The dealer near my home won't place orders right now because they are busy. I know it will be awhile before I can actually get one, but I would like to place the order and get in line. My plan was to have it shipped to a local FFL. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Most online dealers are in the same boat that your dealer is in. They all get them from a distributor. There are so many back-orders that they're not taking any new ones. You picked a bad time to try and buy from ANY dealer, local or online.

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my LGS has 2 one is camo version (had that for a long time) and a black one. the black one is 1699.99

F gun broker and thoes rip off gougers. I am in Nor Cal if you want the info PM me or something. I wont post the name here as I might get yelled at for being a spammer or something. I also have no connection with gun shop and actually dont like them but they got them

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