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m1 super 90 question


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I am looking into changing the stock on my super 90, now has the PG model.

I removed this stock and have a question.

Mounted to the reciever is a round tube that houses a spring. At the end of this tube is a threaded stud. At the base of the threaded stud, where the stud joins the spring tube is a disk of metal. This disc looks like a washer, one might expect it to simply come off. Mine seems very dis-interested in coming off. Is it a washer like part or is it integral with the threaded stud that holds the stock on?


Any info very much appreciated.

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But the info is much appreciated and will help. The part I am referring to is what you show as the Action Recoil Spring Retainer, In my M1 it has no flats to grab with a wrench. Perhaps mine is of a different build lot than the very nice photos that have been provided.

I did manage a photo (had to get a closeup accessory to get this photo, which is not great)[ATTACH=CONFIG]1949[/ATTACH]

the disc that looks like a washer (no flats) I take it is integeral with the treaded stud?

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thanks for the comments to all.

I had the opportunity to put on an "alternative" stock for testing.

Went to the range today and as expected everything I offered the Benelli it consumed and seemed to request more please. No issues. No surprises.


I was concerned this extra thickness in what appeared to be a washer would prevent this alternate stock from mounting cleanly. My concern was unfounded.


(sorry about the photo, Had a close up lens on the camera, the depth of field is rather thin, it was a challenge to get a photo that was not a total blur)

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