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BENELLI M4 : New owner & some notes


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Great and very informative forum, thank you all.

I just got my new Benelli M4, pistol grip, 20''barrel and a standard magazine extension.

I would like to share some notes about it:

1-First time shooting:

Right out of the box, I cleaned it a little bit and shot about 100 rounds (80 slugs- 20 buckshot 00), it shoot smoothly like silk, no problem what soever. bump fire is WOW! i shot 7 rounds in less than 2 second, not bad for thefirst time i think.


2- Magazine capacity:

Although the user manual andthe Brochure says that the 20'' barrel with theextended magazine holds 7 (2 3/4'') shells, but its NOTTRUE! , i pushed -withforce -only half of the seventh round into the magazine, and that was a realdisappointment for me, could it be that the Magazine spring is(stiff) because its still new? any suggestion?


3- Date of manufacture :

Can iget help about the manufacture date of my M4? i checked these links but couldntfind answer :




My M4 have the following codes:

1-TM57994E : on the barrel above the argo system.

2-117698 : between the 2 gaspistons

3-Y053419U:is the serial number.


4- M4 box : I wish if the cartoon box was a couple inches wider to store the M4 in it ...


Thanks a lot...

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Did yours come with the extended magazine tube from the factory or did you add that? I just bought one brand new as well and it came with the smaller tube that holds 5. If you don't mind me asking , where did you buy it? I'm thinking that because I bought mine at Gander Mountain that's probably why it has a smaller tube

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Wasn't aware they made a 20" barrel for the M4, just 18.5 and 14. As far as the mag tube, USA non military versions are 5 shots, Military are 7 shots. Ton's of posts about capacity, the short of it .... not all shells are made equal. Welcome to the forum!

That's what I thought. I was pretty sure that it was a 5 shot tube.

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Reggie_375RGR : Thanks for the comment , yes, mine came with the extended magazine tube from the factory, i think my M4 is the Italian market version, currently i live overseas .


- M4-Desert Camo : Thanks for the comment,

Benelli makes 20'' barrel, i attached a photo of my M4 with the measuring tape, Benelli Brochure and the technical features page, you will see that they made 20'' barrel, and that the 20'' barrel holds 6 magnum or 7 (2 3/4) shells. but it didn't take 7 (2 3/4) rounds.


- Hookster : Thanks man! the two letters are (CI) that is sexy as ****!! 2012!! you made my day :cool:


- M4Whore : Thank you for the feedback, the thing is that they shouldn't say in the technical features page that it holds 7 rounds (check the photo i attached) ,or at least they must state that 7 rounds is for military and law enforcement only.

I wont take the risk and play with the magazine tube, am afraid to do something stupid and cause a damage to it (it cost me $$$$) you know what am saying...

About sell lengths, I tried Winchester hollow point slugs, fiocchi slugs, sellier-bellot slugs/buckshots, federal 00 buckshots, they all ranged between 2.4-2.7 inches .

Never the less, M4 is the best!

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