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Has anyone tried this on purpose or by accident?


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Tom Knapp routinely removed the handle from his M1/M2's when doing behind-the-back exhibition shots so it wouldn't contact his body when cycling. There's not really any difference in the bolts so I don't imagine it would hurt anything much. The question is, why would you want to shoot without it?

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@truckcop. It’s a “what if” question…


What if your actually in a situation where you absolutely had to use it as a defensive weapon, say fly fishing in Alaska when a Kodiak Bear charges and unbeknownst to you the bolt handle has fallen off in the Willows somewhere between camp and you?


I really don’t want to shoot without it but like I say, it’s a “what if” question as opposed to an Oh Darn exclamation, and knowing the answer would be nice.

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