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M2 bolt spring tension


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What do you mean by "bolt spring"? There's a recoil spring that protrudes back into the butt stock and there's an inertia spring that's an internal part of the bolt assembly. Regardless, the best check of whether either of them are still "good enough" is to shoot the gun. If the gun works like it's supposed to when you shoot it, then the springs are good enough. Another way to check the recoil spring is to lock the bolt assembly back then hit the release button. If it goes forward all the way and the locking head rotates and locks into place the recoil spring is probably good to go. Then go shoot it to verify.:)

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Sorry, it's the recoil spring. The action cycles the shells properly but I feel the spring is a little weak because the action opens a bit by merely tapping the gun on the butt of the stock lightly. So it probably takes quite a pounding with magnum shells. Then again, perhaps the spring is supposed to be that way on the M2. Anyone has an opinion on this?

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I use trigger pull weight gauges......I don't know of specification that identifies the M2 recoil spring as a failure; they are inexpensive to replace if they seem to be the source of a action cycling problem.


Photos with permission: Benelli M1 / M2 Anatomy Series of Manuals



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