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Largest Benelli Dealers and/or those who specialize in the M4 platform specifically


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Assuming by "dealers" you refer to retailers, I would imagine the big box stores, Cabelas, Bass Pro, etc., are the "largest". They probably sell the most as well. I doubt any large retailer specializes in the M4. I don't know about Benelli but I imagine they're like any other manufacturer by requiring a minimum purchase of guns over specified time periods in order to be a manufacturer supported dealer. I wouldn't think they're many out there who would only buy lots of M4's exclusively. I've been to Benelli retailers who were mostly "tactical" guys that also had field M2's, SBE's, etc., in their shelves.

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Good call, I think those retailers are too generalized for what I am looking for. Looking more for maybe the top shops/smiths/custom shops that may have a lot of accessories and offer services for M4 shotguns.


By example, when thinking of tactical shotguns Vangcomp comes to mind.

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I have never heard of a gunsmith specializing in the M4. The end user is often left to sort through all the various aftermarket parts and find out the hard way what works and doesn't work. I know I've been there. I have a huge junk drawer or have resold the parts to other users.


The M4 is pretty user friendly. Most owners can do their own work on the weapon. Most of the issues I see come from users installing subpar aftermarket parts or installing them improperly. Ie: Not following a torque spec or using an improper driver.


In the past, I have assisted several users here with modifications that they wanted done, but did not have the confidence or the tooling to attempt the modifications themselves. I'd gladly assist anyone on this board with the modifications for free. Most users force me to take a small tip for my time and any shop materials I use.

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