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  1. Although I have not used the kz, I have used the surefire. My objections of weight, bulk, ergonomics and to a lesser extent aesthetics are largely the same. The m4 feels great with the stock handguard. Not so much IMO with quad rails. Nor do I like the results of mounted accessories on them. Everything ends sticking out further than I'd like.
  2. I had one as well. Sold it. I am curious what utility people are using them for. I am working on something for the M4 to solve almost all of these issues, which is why I am always interested in the specifics of the use of the M80 handguard. Thanks Aggie
  3. Aggie - What do you want to use the rails for?
  4. May I ask what the various parties here intend to mount to the M80? Or what purposes the M80 will serve for them? It's obviously a handguard, but beyond that function - what do the folks here intend to use it for?
  5. What dremel bit did you use to cut out the large circular cut ?
  6. The square would work, the only problem is you would only use a very small percentage of your sand paper. If you try round, get really mushy foam that is close to the ID, crush it down and shove in.
  7. Use round foam instead - saw this idea somewhere else... Threaded rod, can make your rig any length. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2231[/ATTACH]
  8. You could fill it with your abrasives, and other suitable media - think like a stuff to polish rocks or brass - tape up the ends - then either vibrate it to death by securing it to something that will continuously vibrate vigorously. Or if you can rig up something to tumble it on axis. I think either would work.
  9. Neat idea. For those that introduce muzzle devices to an M4, this is the perfect compliment since they have the space to spare now under their muzzle device anyway.
  10. Clearly how the benelli ones are done.
  11. Is that an M4 pictured? Looks like a different bennelli shotgun to me. Rear sight, mag tube, front handguard doesn't look like an M4
  12. Nice project. Jealous of your skills. Looking forward to see the progress.
  13. I was wondering how you cut the benelli logo on the side in there so perfectly.
  14. Thanks guys. Salient would be a perfect example of what I am looking for. Lots of shots of custom M4's with bolt work, ported barrels and M80 hand guards. Obviously are interested in making the platform better, and have clients that want to do so as well.
  15. Good call, I think those retailers are too generalized for what I am looking for. Looking more for maybe the top shops/smiths/custom shops that may have a lot of accessories and offer services for M4 shotguns. By example, when thinking of tactical shotguns Vangcomp comes to mind.
  16. Anyone care to take a stab at who the largest Benelli dealers are and those who specialize in the M4 platform?
  17. This seems like a chapter out of my life with just about everything I do. Of course my career is based on very complex problem resolution and engineering. Seems like by the time it gets to me, every problem is this complex and convoluted. When I am fiddling with things on my own time and end up in jackpots like this, my frustration runs overboard. Glad it's operating now, though. How is cleaning the systems now compared to before the coating? How have lubrication requirements changed?
  18. Might be able to use dropbox, sugarsync, google storage making a folder of jpgs public. I'd rehost them for you, but you'd have to go edit each of your posts, etc to get them to show up in the right places.
  19. for 500. They should be ~200. No reason for them to not be. If there ever was a reason it was simply because benneli only wanted LE/Gov to get them, but that reasoning evaporated with the H20. There are some folks that love it because they are at the source of the trickle and get them for less than 200 and sell them for 500+ each.
  20. Odd issue, never ran into it. Since the detent moves freely - check the geometry of the teeth make sure they are normal and comparable to a working one if possible. Make sure the detent is properly round as well. Only thing I can think of why it can't push the detent in when you attempt to unscrew it. Diameter of teeth too small / large also?
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