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What do you think my M4 is worth?


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No. These guns have tanked like everything else this summer. Every dealer in the country has a new one on the shelf for 1700, and used are selling online for 1300.


I know that hot-rod parts are very expensive new. The funny thing is they add little value; or worse diminish value. This is true whether it is car, boat, motorcycle or gun.


Your best bet is to sell the gun showroom stock and part out the high-speed stuff. But I know that there is a time (= money) cost to this.

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I agree with BLACK. Part it out and sell it off. Upgrades are almost always sold for a loss. I believe you could get 1400 for the weapon easily. Then unload the other parts either here or on gunbroker.


Another option is to go to chumpbroker and look for someone with more money than sense. Sell the weapon as a 922® compliant weapon. You would probably be able to bleed 1750 - 1900 out of someone for it. It will probably take about a month or two to find that special someone.

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