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Benelli M2 Magazine extension


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Hey guys.. first off let me say that I missed this place. It has been awhile and a lot has changed, but I hope most of the older members are still hanging out here since the last time I posted! It will be interesting to hear from you guys!


The question I have today is about a magazine extension for a Benelli m2. A lot of guys like Nordic components or DMW extensions but I am one of those guys who like to squeeze as many rounds as I can in the tube before I pull the trigger. As I understand it, most +3 tubes will come flush (or just short) of the barrel (18.5") which is what I want. But as I understand it, the nordic +4 tube only extends past the barrel an inch or so which shouldn't hurt the tube as I dont mind a few powder burns here and there. I was thinking of getting an extended choke tube in order to extended the length of my barrel to compensate for the lengthy tube, But what I was wondering is if anyone has a +4 extension so that I may get some info on exactly how much longer it is than the 18.5" barrel.


Also, I have heard of guys buying the +3 tubes and decided to upgrade to a +4 only to find that the marginal shell they hoped to carry would only go about an inch into the tube, thus making the "upgrade" null and void. Anyone have any experiences with either tubes. Any input would be most helpful. God bless and thank you in advance!

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What I am using is the newer, recently released Nordic +3B. It is made specifically for the tactical 18.5" barrel models. You will only find it for sale on the Nordic site. It was designed, as I understand for some specific users (?), to extend 1/8" past the barrel to offer some protection for the muzzle without extending to far. What it also does is easily assure a 7 round magazine with a full 16" spring(beyond the end of the tube). It should hold 7 of any of what I call US shot shells, I am not sure it will hold 7 of the rolled end import style shot shells. It is about an inch longer then the +3, and about an inch shorter than the +4. It is just a matter of how much you want to extend past the barrel and or take a chance of cutting the spring to squeeze an extra round in, and any potential future problem from the short spring.

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I ordered a Nordic MXT +4 extension for my 18.5 Benelli M2, thinking that that would come pretty close to flush, at least with an extended choke tube. I then ordered a +2 extension cap from Shooters Source for those occasions I want to run 9 in the gun. That was $20. In retrospect, it would have more sense to have just ordered a second MXT Nordic extension to give me 9+1 for $34 so that I could install that for 3-gun.

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