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M4 component weight chart for reference


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Great Post.


And would be very curious of the difference in a full length Ti tube verse the factory contraption.


I would be interested in that as well. I just recently swapped out my original Benelli magazine tube for the Carrier Comp full length tube. While I had the gun apart I picked up each of the two tubes in my hands, and I was surprised, the Carrier Comp titanium tube was noticeably lighter than the shorter Benelli tube. I was really surprised that I could easily notice so much of a difference in weight just by picking them up, especially since the Benelli tube is shorter and I did not have the plastic extension on it. If I had a scale I would have measured the weight of both.

By the way, installing the CC tube was a breeze, much easier than I thought. I don't know if I just got lucky or what, but I only had the heat gun on for a minute or two before the old tube started smoking. I gave it a sample twist and to my surprise it came off very easily. Even the threads were almost perfectly clean with practically none of the old factory thread locker visible. I always dread doing something like this because for me it almost never goes right. But this time it went much better than expected and the results were fantastic. Thanks to Kip at Carrier Comp for a great product.

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From some previous post on the subject of tube weights, I remember that a FL (18.5") TI tube was 5.75 oz. As for the steel equlivalent, of which I am very familiar as I have been making and selling steel tubes for the last 6 years... a FL steel tube weighs 8.5 oz.. The difference being a mere 2.7 oz.; not much of a diff when one considers that when fully loaded a 7 round tube weighs over a pound.

For more info or a "no waiting" tube ....I'm still at ..... [email protected]

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