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Which Charging Handle


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I was cleaning my Benelli M1 and noticed the charging handle has most all of the bluing worn off and was trying to decide whether to re-blue or get a new non-factory charging handle.


Thought I would ask what others are using for a charging handle for:


1) Hunting

2) Tactical


Since each has its own unique requirements I thought I would break them out. I am mainly using the gun for hunting but am considering rolling it over to a 3-gun or tactical gun in the off season.


A bit of detail on what you do or don't like about your charging handle would be helpful in the decision making process.




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Personally I prefer the stock paddle-shaped handle. I've tried the fat rounds, an hour-glass shape and others but just didn't care for them that much. They didn't provide me with any advantages in function over the paddle-style. My oldest M1 had a skinny round handle that I didn't care much for. I originally changed that out to a fat round handle but ultimately changed the bolt out to one that would accept the non-rotating paddle style. I use my guns for sporting purposes, i.e., pheasants, skeet, 3-gun as well as potential personal defense. The OEM handle works just fine for me.

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I love the normal sized handle that Benelli makes. The obnoxiously wide diameter handles just don't work for me (especially with diamond knurling). The round handle is pretty much universal (except for the M4 and Vinci) whereas the paddle can only fit in the new Benellis with the oval slot.


The paddle handle wraps around my last digit like a glove and feels very natural.


The hourglass is the most comfortable to me, but it is kinda annoying that it is able to rotate.


I also had the skinny handle that truckcop is speaking of (generally older M1s and Beretta 1201FP series) and I hate the diamond knurling.



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