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2 SBEII ?'s


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i am in the same boat. there are more lefties than they think are out there....


i am mograting from a double and an ithaca bottom dumper.


how do the emptied eject? what is their trajectory? do they fly forward, to the right or into your face?





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A lefty might have trouble with the right handed SBE because they cycle so fast. I shoot right handed and have had some shells the put out dust that will get in your eyes. I would think it would be worse for a lefty. Never noticed this in any other guns. If I was left handed theres no doubt I'd have a lefty gun.

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I am going to go with the right handed then ... I ahe shot my friends and there was no problems with the spent shells. It is easier to laod for me as well since I am used to loading a righty.


I will switch out the safety ...Not usre about the cast and shim for a left handed shooter. I didnt know there was a difference in left and right?


I will order a gel pad now might get here in 2 YEARS!!!

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I switch to left-handed guns in 1987, all my guns are left handed now. There is no reason to shoot a right-handed gun. As far as learning to load and operate a left handed gun after a little adjustment you will never go back to right handed gun. And yes they are easy to find but you may have to look a little!!! A left-handed shotgun is a must if you shoot with both eyes open. There are too positives to shooting a left-handed gun to have to settle for a right handed one. If some thing is worth doing it is worth doing Left!!!!


[ 08-27-2004, 09:22 AM: Message edited by: shootem ]

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cudos to you , shootem! I shot right handed guns for years until my first left handed 1187 remington which I purchased in 1987. Switched to Benelli 3 years ago and now own 3 Benelli left handed shotguns. Believe me, it is very easy and natural for a left handed shooter to switch to left handed guns! I don't understand why someone would continue using a safety in an unnatural way (ie. left thumb) when there is a much better and natural solution! Power to my much under-rated but more-numerous-than-you-think sinister brothers!

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