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Is my M4 barrel defective???


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Hi, everyone


Just brought a brand new Benelli M4 last november in Canada, the price was right I got it for 1999$ Cdn went to shoot it with challenger skeet ammo, cycled perfectly....


The thing is upon closer inspection after shooting it I've notice that the tip of my barrel is not straight.... Its hard to see it on picture but it looks like the barrel wasent cutted perfectly straight....


It sure wont affect the performance of the firearms but I mean for that price I feel I should be entitled to have a perfectly machined firearms...


Did I get unlucky , do any other m4 owner have their barrel like mine??


If I would want to screw a muzzle brake or any other accesories it would not fit well... since the crown is not straight and a part of it sticks out (protruded).

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Call Benelli! They are great to deal with you have a 10 year guarantee.


You are more than likely correct, the "deformity" should not cause any usage issue but you are also correct, you paid good money and your expectation should be to own a well made firearm that appears perfect in every way.


Don't hesitate, call them right away.

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