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Benelli Ethos accessories


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Reading different reviews of the Ethos, there are supposed to be 3 sizes of recoil pads for length of pull and 2 or 3 different cheek pads, don't know if it's true only going by articles written in mags. My dealer already has a black receiver Ethos for sale. 2/20/14. Anybody know if these accessories are going to be available.

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According to the Benelli rep at Pheasant Fest last week, they are planning on 3 different recoil pads, three different combs, interchangeable fiber optic sights and changeable carbon-fiber ribs. None of which are currently listed on Benelli's website but they, Benelli, has never been quick to get out the accessories and when you see what you want, BUY IT because historically, they (Benelli) doesn't support their accessory market indefinitely.

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There are options for "no-swivel" slings, both in leather and nylon. There's this style:

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTfGUj_rWvPMRbng8uF50iNu5yCGxcEIE12ozG_Gt6_N7X3PPxsProblem with this style is twofold. First, I'm not sure how this type of stock attachment may or may not interfere with the Progressive Comfort recoil system. Secondly, the barrel attachment would cause sight picture issues, covering the vent rib on your Ethos.


I've seen slings that go under the vent rib with smaller velcro or similar material but I personally would not want to put that kind of stress on the carbon-fiber vent rib of the Ethos.


Given how proud they are of the newly designed magazine cap, I would doubt we will see any different cap with swivels, maybe something aftermarket well down the road. The Raffaello mentioned above is the Legacy design: standard metal mag cap so swivels are available.


Depending on how you use a sling, I have seen "belt shotgun holders" that are either over the shoulder or belt type "trays" made of leather or cordura that carry the weight of the shotgun on your hip as you support the shotgun with your leading hand.




There are options but the carbon fiber rib and recoil system would be concerning. I would look at all available options and make a decision based on how you would use the sling.


Just be glad, until then, that the Ethos is so light! Good luck in your search.

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I emailed Benelli and this was their very prompt reply:



With the ethos being so new we have not imported any of the accessories for it yet. There will likely be more available for the Ethos down the line, but for the first year we will probably just have the stock configuration in the US.



Bill Delery

Technical Service Representative

Benelli USA, 901 Eigth Street

Pocomoke, MD, 21851

p: 1-800-264-4962

f: 301-283-6988


[email protected]


I stopped in the Benelli booth at the NRA convention in Indianapolis and the reps said accessories will be available com mid June 2014

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