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Removing Saftey on M2 help


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yeah i turned the trigger group upside down and it popped right out i also put a light trigger spring in it as well as a lighter buffer spring but will the buffer spring being new make noise? it sounds as if the spring is riding against the tube when i pull it back and also when the bolt is locked back (like when you run out of shells) you should be able to hit the bot release and it should go back to normal well when i lock it back myself and hit the release it doesn't go forward... any idea's?

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Assuming you're referring to the inertia spring inside the bolt, when the bolt is out of battery the locking head is not pushed back against the spring and it will move around inside the bolt. That's the noise you're hearing. Normal.

If you're referring to the recoil spring making noise when you pull the bolt back, well it is a metal spring inside a metal tube. Squirt a little lube in it if it's a bother. Might mitigate the noise.


Regarding the bolt not going forward when hitting the release, first, make sure that you properly installed the trigger group when put it back in the receiver. When putting the trigger group back in the receiver it's necessary to push the bolt release in while doing that so it will clear and re-engage the mechanism properly.

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