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Excellent Question Sukhoi_fan, I will explain to the best of my "internet knowledge":


The old threaded stud(from brownells) is for the old H&K Import M3T, I think it is M19 X 1 - 6g THREADS. I have several M3s and I wanted to use the pistol grip for my newer M3, the threads on those are M21 x 1 - 6g THREADS.


I do not know if Benelli designed a new threaded stud, just used the old receivers for folding stock, or changed the pistol grip inside for Europe M3 top folders.


Also for those that do not know, you can't have a folding/telescopic/retracting/sliding/etc... stock on a semi auto shotgun, but you can have a stockless semi auto shotgun in California (It would count as other under the paperwork). Makes total sense :confused: So this also persuaded me to mess around with my M3 like this.

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