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I bought a Benelli M1 Super90 NIB with ghost ring sights in April. A couple weeks later I went to the shooting range. After firing the first 6 rounds, the front sight fell of the barrel!!!

I called Benelli customer service. They gave me a return authorization number and told me, to send back the barrel for repair or maybe replacement.

They also told me, that it might take up to 8 weeks to solve that problem.

Is this what is advertised as quality worth the price?

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Don't worry, Benelli customer service will make everything right for you. They say 8 weeks, but I bet it will be much quicker than that. As for quality--yes, Benelli quality is still right up there in the top. You just caught a fluke--my ghost sights are still on.


Btw, welcome to the forum! smile.gif


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right now,,I'm in the middle of a recoilpad overhaul,but there all my favorites smile.gif each one has its own unique feel and purpose,,I replaced the bolt handle on the M1Tactical with a factory oversize handle,,works much better,,,the heatshield was painstaking because of the dremel work involved on the forend,,its just some plastic heatshield I got at a gunshow ;) 356564.jpg


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Thanks for the reply. I have an M1 Super 90 just like yours with the heat shield (mine is sans shield). It is my first Benelli. I really like it. But the stock is a tad too long for me. Are there other recoil pads out there that would reduce the pull by, say, 1/4" to 1/2"?


My friend has an old M1 Super 90 (early 90's) that feeds everything. He went out a year ago and bought a 1014. The 1014 is nice, but it will not feed any 3" magnums. Have you also experienced this with your 1014? My initial impression is that the old M1 Super 90s are still the best things going.

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My M1014 is the stongest of the fleet,,,I've shot everything through it and stills goes on and on.....make sure your buddy is not using garbage ammo,thats really the only thing that goes wrong with the M1014 ,,,if it where some other gas model like the 11703 11707 ,,then check other things like the lifter mech,, ,,,my M1 tactical was my first too ,,its a great gun,,,as far as length of the pull goes,,I have no issues with it. happy fourth to ya smile.gif


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Originally posted by wacki:

Second one from the bottom. What is that on the muzzle? Flash suppressor?



I'm debation getting one myself ... 130 bucks for a muzzle brake.


Mr. M1014, are these worth getting? And aluminum or steel version?


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