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Anyone speak Italian?


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Here, here is some of it. This should be of interest, it is the first mention I have found of these numbers.



Long guns 065 u No hard field tests This rifle is currently used on the field with great satisfaction users and the stamp combat proven worth more than any test, even one more extreme. But, before being taken - Committee as the M1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun, M4 had to pass test that would put a strain on a anvil, being overheated and - ice (temperature range between -29 ° C (+ / - 3 degrees C) and +49 ° C (+ / - 3 degrees C), surrounded by in the water and in the sand, exposed to fine powder and salt spray (Had to shoot without hesitation or encoun - intervener at least two tanks of cartridges after 96 hours of exposure to fog saline), covered with mud or ice, the gun has always worked so im - peccable. It did not fired when was thrown onto concrete from various heights to verify that there can be no accidental discharge; for the record, the M4 does not fire if the hammer cocked and without sure drops to concrete, the 6 faces, from 1.5 meters in height ... only this result - Committee speaks for itself. And - again for the record - it really is significant report that, while Uncle Sam demanded un'MRBS ( Mean Round Between Stoppage ) Minimum of 300 shots and un'MRBF ( Mean Round Between Failure ) minimum of 975 shots, the M4 has long regiArmi 067 strate un'MRBS amounted to 15 thousand hits (two Jams on 30 thousand strokes of the test) and un'MRBF more than 30 thousand shots since that in the torture test 30 thousand shots there have been broken or the need to replace - tion of the parties. The icing on the cake, the useful life is indefinite, as these rifles are capable of firing a variety of hundreds of thousands of hits before raise the white flag. The tests that led to the adoption as M1014 were not the only ones who The M4 suffered because of a body police or armed force shall take into yes account the experiences of others, but, down - rightly, want to check with the pros - own eyes (and their methods) that are going to buy. On longevity, reliability, the length of the M4 just no rain and any test performed for a test drive of the journal would have little meaning. Even though So I want to tell you a fact that I consider emblematic and that I could first-hand. I own one of the first - Missimi M4 sold in Italy and I have not no idea of ​​the number of shots fired by this rifle, nor the types of cartridges that There were shot inside: sicuramen the shots fired are many and, as in type, it is me - Council let it go, seen that in addition to using it for many tests the rifle was used as well to out inventories and funds but - gazzino. In the course of his life that rifle has also spent a couple of years in the course of which it has been used so - it 5-6 times, each time, however, so in massive way and without ever pu - litho. These things are not done in the way absolute because they can be "does - such "for groups outlet gas or otherwise lead to blockage of the rifle whose function - tion - if all goes well - will be restored with work, solvents, lubricants and oil of the elbow. In my defense I can say having done so "in the name of science": I wanted to see when he would stop function. I've sold before and after two years since the last time I had I decided to take it apart clean com - completely, remove all deposits and lubricate the parts. Although I do not have not had any problems of functional - tion, I repeat that stuff generally do not make the most ace - lute if you do not want to end up with a piece of iron inert: that a single Benelli M4 068 M4 has survived unscathed in a similar ordeal deputes only in favor of rifle, but those who wish to repeat a similar unacceptable behavior to know that you do so at your own risk.


Reliability and durability are even function ease of intervention on the weapon; for the JSCS was expected that the removal from field require less than 60 seconds while cleaning and lubrication was to remain under 20 minutes, with the M4, the time for the field stripping it has been almost halved (less than 36 seconds) and to be completely has been halved time for cleaning and lubrication (me - no 10 minutes) including cleaning of gas outlet groups (that Uncle Sam requires every 500 shots) so keep clean as befits the gun without following bad examples of which you read about these pages. For a time it was planned JSCS load of less than 25 seconds, the M4 is loaded in an average time of 11.5




The M4 is durable and reliable as all get out. It jammed twice in 30,000 rounds during testing, and lasted 30,000 rounds before anything broke that prevented function, and I am not sure if it broke, then, my understanding of the article is spotty.

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THen I found this, and tried to translate part of it, and found something else interesting: http://www.benelli.it/sites/default/files/contenuti/press/pdf_file/M4%20-%20Diana%20Armi%20-%20Maggio%201999.pdf


Lo m4 supera largamente tutti i requisita del programma JSCS e per quanto riguarda durata ed affidibilita i valori sono di 25,000 colpi senza sostituzione di parti (sparando cartucce da 70mm) intervallo medio di 677 colpi di fra gli inceppamenti e di 2,000 colpi fra i guasti e questi valori sono stati rilevati in false di messa a punto dell arma. Con la certezza quindi di vederli ancora migliorati negli esemplari di serie. E al proposito, come non ricorder i test tanto l'intervallo medio fra gli inceppamenti sona stata di 1,500 colpi





The m4 greatly exceeds all requisitioned program JSCS and as far as durability and reliability for the values ​​are 25,000 shots without replacement (shooting 70mm cartridges) average interval of 677 shots between jams and 2,000 rounds between failures and these values ​​were calculated using false setup of the weapon. With the certainty of seeing them again and then improved in the specimens of series. And in this regard, as will remember the test so the average interval between jams person was 1,500 shots.

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