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Major problem with Benelli M3...Please Help


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I am sorry you are having problems. I am not familiar with M3s. However this post indicates that it should screw off:


"yep i've called benelli


this is what they told me...


Go see a gunsmith that has worked on a benelli before. told her we have gunsmiths in our area but since most of the benelli's in my area are extension tubes, nobody has tried removing the tube from the reciever.


she told me it's locktited. so I ask her if the plastic thing wont' be damaged by the heat gun."



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First off, what you perceived as rust is actually just bare heat treated steel. How I think I know is because you indicated everything else on the gun is in good condition, usually on the M3s the other heat treated parts will rust and wear at the same rate. As a side note, the company I work for makes steel rotational pins that are also heat-treated but un-coated for cost-saving measures, I am pretty sure benelli had this in mind in the early 90s and 80s. Now they are coated matte black or in Nickel for that gorgeous KROMO.


The magazine tube twists off just like every other Benelli, they can even interchange with other 12 gauge size Benelli except for the sl-80, m-121, etc. series.


Now for actual removable, any gunsmith should be able to remove the receiver but whether or not they harm your receiver is up to them and how they remove it. When my gunsmith removed the part, I asked "So.... How difficult was it?"; he responded with "I don't even wanna talk about it!"




Also would like you to know it is best to have spares of the slide support. As shown below, the russian gun forum I visit often, a shooter managed to shoot his M3 so much the slide support split along the top. Needless to say, I don't think he ever replaced it.



Good luck,

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