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Hey benelli lovers.... I am looking for info that may save me from destroying my barell. I want to buy an extra full or extended range choke for my M2 that will sling all sizes of steel shot way out there. I am worried about the choke tube constricting the steel shot too much and in turn split my 26", $800 crio barell.


Help a brotha out?

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From Brownell's on-line catalog:


Tighter Pattern With Crio Tech Barrels


17-4, stainless steel, precision machined choke tubes enhance the performance of your Benelli CrioTech M2 and Super Black Eagle II shotguns with a 25% longer parallel section (compared to Carlson’s standard tubes) for more consistent, dense patterns. Knurled ends make installation and removal easy, and each choke tube is laser marked on the end for quick identification. For use with lead, copper-plated, nickel, Hevi-Shot, bismuth, tungsten or steel shot.




Perhaps the tube extending past the muzzle places the greatest constriction outside of your expensive barrel? I would assume Carlson's knows what they're doing, but you could always contact their customer service department before ordering the choke tube.



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I don't believe an extra full choke that will sling all sizes of steel shot exists.





I think every choke manufacturer has something similar to this on their sites: http://www.choketube.com/customer-service-details.php?Choke-Tube-Information-3


Suggest you check those out for limits on steel shot size capability of each manufacturer's choke restrictions. Info is there for the finding. For example:



Our line of Extended Steel Shot choke tubes pattern steel and other non-toxic shot extremely well. These chokes have a longer parallel section allowing for less flyers and denser patterns. The chokes extend ¾” outside the barrel eliminating damage to your barrel caused by prolonged use with steel shot. The extended portion of the choke is knurled and the choke has a matte black finish. The Close and Mid Range chokes can be used with all sizes and speeds of steel, lead, or Hevi-Shot. The Long Range is NOT to be used with any STEEL shot larger than BB, or with any STEEL shot faster than 1550 FPS. If you want to use any of these loads use try Mid Range choke tube. Use the text below to help decide which choke best fits your shooting situation.


• Close Range: For use over decoys, ideal for 0-30 yards.

• Mid Range: For shooting situations 25-40 yards (Steel shot larger than BB or Steel shot faster than 1550 FPS should be used with this choke)

• Extended (Long) Range: Great for shots 40 yards and beyond.

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I don't believe an extra full choke that will sling all sizes of steel shot exists.

In fact, KICK'S High Flyer choke tubes will shhot steel shot and heavy loads from #6 to BB size shot. Just found that out. I have contacted their service department for clarification. I will post my findings when I hear from KICK'S

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