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M1014 at Auction


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So what is the diff. from the M4 besides the chrome lined barrel without removable choke, and the collapsable stock and maybe being marked "U.S. Property"? Are they any?


I didn't know about the barrel. I thought it was just the choke. Internals are the same.

But the flag marking is bad a$$. I would buy one if it didn't have the cstock.

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(You can not collapse the Stock in case you didn't know)


No it is not marked U.S Property, if it was someone would be under Federal investigation. This particular one is marked "M1014 -1593", whereas a real counterpart would be marked "U. S. Y000000"


Yeah, obviously I didn't know. That stock looks similar to the one that does collapse. At a glance, I thought it was the same.


So, are there any other differences besides the stock, the barrel being chromed and no removable choke?

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Yeah, the recoil spring is actually different. I did not know this until another member pointed it out.


It is also not laser etched on the bolt and carrier.


Stock is identical, maybe except this one has phillips screws instead of the newer hex. The recoil tube is what makes it not collapse.


Barrel extension on this one is also different.

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