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Looking for sling pics? How do you sling your Benelli


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Well, if you've tried all those methods and nothing floats your boat, try going slingless. Except for a standard 2-pointer on my M2 field that allows me to carry my cameras at the same time on our annual pheasant hunt, I don't use a sling on any of my shotguns.

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Try connecting to the ejection port side of the shotgun assuming you're right handed at the rear only. Then connect the front at the left side. I only use two point slings now. Vcas from blueforce gear with sewn in QD points is the best for civilian affairs. Padded is even better for a heavy shotgun.


Attaching to the opposite side at the rear prevents the sling from bunching up and preventing you from shouldering the weapon. It also helps prevent the weapon from rolling away from your body.

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I'm left handed, but I understand what you mean. I have my entry gun set up that way. Just ordered a VTAC sling on Friday. I have VTACS on 3 different weapons now and they work really well. Gonna try it on the shotty. Thanks

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