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Problem with glare using AVA tactical mount


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Problem with glare using AVA tactical mount

I installed an AVA Tactical mount with a Surefire P2X Fury Defender light. The mount itself is high quality, but I am having a problem with excessive glare off of the front sight. It interferes with the sight picture through the Trijicon RMR sight.

On humid nights, the sight picture is worsened because the downrange image is already diminished by the glare in the atmosphere.

As a test, I made a cone from aluminum foil and wrapped it around the bezel of the light. I slid it forward in 1/2 increments until the glare on the front sight disappeared. This did not occur until the end of the foil cone/tube was just beyond the back edge of the front sight. After that, there was EXCELLENT contrast between the front sight post and the downrange image.

Any suggestions on permanent modifications to achieve the same effect? I am looking for real-world examples.

Thanks in advance!

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Possible Solutions requiring varying levels of engineering to exercise.


1) Move the light forward enough so that it does not reflect off of the sight. CON: How to activate the light.


2) A longer light such as a 3 cell.


3) A machined shroud to replace the bezel / effectively elongating the light emitter preventing bounce back.


4) A less intense light, reducing such bounce back. CON: Not as bright.


5) A light that has a more directed beam, less splash.


6) A mount that holds this light way far off to the side. CON: Aesthetics. How to activate such a light.



Just a brainstorm of ideas. Many of these are not really practical at the end of the day.


I have had many Military and LEO clients say they don't like super bright lights indoors due to the bounce back from white walls, et al. I think the humid nights issue is very similar. Bright lights are great, but they can be too bright in certain circumstances.


That being said, I can't say I had not noticed this myself with a fury and the front sight, and can't help but think it might be amplified with the RMR. Have you tried this is in the same lighting without the RMR? Not that removing it permanently is a solution, that is a great sight and mount - just curious if the optics/coating play a part in visibility with the blindingly bright light.

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Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate the detailed list of ideas.


First, I'll answer your questions and provide some clarifications. I use this shotgun for hunting. It's secondary roll would be self-defense. So a bright powerful light is mandatory. I do have a 3 cell Surefire, but I have been hesitant to mount it after the test with foil revealed that the bezel MUST at least be even with the front sight post in order to eliminate the glare. Prior to mounting the RMR with the Scalarworks rail, I had an Aimpoint Micro T1 mounted with an ADM quick detach mount. The glare off of the front sight was just as noticeable.


Out of the 6 suggestions above, I think the only possible solution would be #3. I would also add a #7, which is mount the light on the BOTTOM of the magazine tube. No matter the distance from the muzzle, the splash from the light would be shadowed by the magazine and barrel, thus protecting the front sight from glare.


Does anyone else have any suggestions with regards to a feasible light shroud I could use?


Otherwise, I am afraid I may have to do away with the AVA mount.


Thanks again in advance.



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#7 has same cons as others - 1) you need such a mount, 2) how to activate.


I would either:


1) Go with a different light, less bright/more focused beam.




2) Make a shroud, really thin, that instead attaches to the sight itself providing enough blockage to prevent the light from hitting the sight. Test by making something out of a aluminum can. It can attach to the sight post nut. Then, if I decided to keep such a solution, I'd put much more into making a final product.


Anyone else have this with their fury lights? I know many folks have them - including myself. I hadn't noticed it.

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I've tried both the P3X and the 500 lumen Surefire Scout light. I stayed with the Scout light due to less barrel shadow and more throw (less flood.) The Scout assembly is significantly lighter too.


Thank you (both) for the response. I have a scout light on order.


As ghetto as the Pediasure shroud looks, it works for now.

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