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Nova Tactical Barrel Threading?


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Hey all.


I have a Nova Tactical 12-gauge with ghost ring sights. Lately, I've been thinking about getting the 18.5" barrel threaded for chokes. I'd like the option to switch between a ported breacher and a rifled choke for sabot slugs.


Has anyone here done this? Looking at the wall thickness of the barrel, it seems like it should be possible but I'm far from an expert in such things.


Also, do you have any recommendations for which chokes to use?

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Two experiences, both with Briley. (If I were you, I'd take a look at their website. They have great information regarding threading barrels for chokes) The first one I sent to them was an older 19 inch M1 barrel. Their findings: not enough barrel material at the muzzle to safely thread it, even for their thin-wall choke system. Second one was a SBE barrel. The muzzle had been damaged so the original owner cut it down to 18 1/2 inches. Apparently, the barrel thickness where it had been cut was enough for them to apply their thin-wall system. Works great but you have to use their thin-wall chokes and I doubt they make thin-wall breachers and rifled chokes. Having said all that, Briley is probably the master when it comes to chokes. Generally they won't tell you that they can choke your barrel without physically inspecting it so you'd have to send it to them up front. A little googling will find other folks that do barrel threading for chokes.

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Well, it looks like the consensus it that the wall thickness on the NT's 18.5" barrel is insufficient for threading. The thin-wall Briley chokes might work but they're proprietary and expensive. I also came across reports of them failing.


Oh well. I guess I'll keep an eye out for a used Benelli or Carlson barrel that takes chokes and worry about fitting a front sight to it that replicates the front sight on my NT instead.

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I'll have to dig out my calipers and I can post the outside diameter and the barrel wall thickness.


Are you thinking it might be possible? Is there a commonly accepted minimum wall thickness required to thread a barrel for chokes?


Yes, after machining for the tube the remaining barrel wall thickness needs to be at minimum 0.015”. This translates to an OD of .845” or larger for Rem-Choke tubes, .825” for standard Tru-Choke tubes or .805” for Tru-Choke “Thinwall” tubes (but Thinwall tubes are generally recommended for lead shot, target velocity loads only).


If your 13/16" is exact measurement then "Thinwall" tubes are your only option....but check that OD with a good dial caliper or micrometer. Another .013" or so may open more possibility.


Steve Rose

Rose Action Sports, LLC


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