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Actual metal trigger guard and assembly (figured I'd just get the entire assy. as there are many dollars in spare parts if you do it that way vs. sourcing each wee part by itself, money saved.) Benelli going polymer on this part sucks, IMO. Mine won't have that mess. fc32vs.jpg

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Has anyone had issues with the plastic trigger groups yet? I know the 870 did so awhile back.
Not that I am aware. The polymer trigger guards in the 870 were actually a benefit. I do not know that anyone had issues with the METAL one's in the M1014, though, even in the sand-box. Like you note though...the polymer remains to be seen in hard duty, so I'm not going to muck around with it.
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The polymer ones are too new to tell. I doubt they'll have any issues with the way it is designed. The primary load bearing part is the trigger pin bushing. It takes all the beating from the hammer cycling. The bushing is held in place by the receiver when fully assembled. The rear is also held in place by the pistol grip.


There is also one additional part in the polymer units. There is a washer that adds some support to the elevator plunger. Everything else is interchangeable.


The polymer unit is approximately 1.5 ounces lighter than the aluminum unit.


The aluminum units typically have a lot of rough casting marks on them. Many exhibit small casting defects on the sides which appear to be small pits. Most of the time this isn't an issue unless you're refinishing the unit in a light color like NP3+. Then the pitting stands out more.

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