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Original SBE questions; barrel availability, etc.


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I have a 28" HK matte black/synthetic that I bought new when they first came out (seems like ~1991). I have bought and sold many shotguns since and this one always ends up in the field with me.

So, I decided I wanted to add another field barrel to the mix as the 28" isn't the best for every situation. I have looked fairly thoroughly over the past few weeks for an original SBE (1) field barrel in either 24" or 26" and the ads around the internet are so misleading it is hard to tell whether it is for a I or II.

So, a few questions:

1. I know they made a 26" barrel. Did they ever make a 24" field barrel for the original SBE in matte black?


2. Did they ever make a factory slug barrel for the same?


3. Are there ANY of the original barrels still available? If not, does anyone know the part numbers so at least I can search that way and keep an eye out? It sure would be nice to only have one set of chokes to deal with across multiple guns and barrels (I also have several HK/Benelli M3 folders)


4. I had bought a SBEII slug barrel and the required modified forearm (but have only test fitted it thus far).


5. Will the modified forearm required for the SBEII slug barrel to work on a SBE in previous question work also for a SBEII field barrel or are they different also?


6. Lastly, I believe the SBE barrels are chrome lined. Does that mean they can't be cut down to a shorter length or is that an old "wives tale"?

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1. Probably

2. Probably

3. Probably, somewhere. Will take diligent searching in the usual places, i.e., GunBroker, EBay, etc.

4. Should work just fine, although, as you noted, different choke systems between I & II.

5. I dunno that one.

6. They can be cut down but be careful who you have do it. I bought one that had the muzzle blown out and cut down. I sent it to Briley, they pronounced the remains healthy and installed their thin-wall choke system. They advised not enough material to thread factory chokes.



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Thank you for your help TruckCop.

I have spent probably upwards of 40 hours on this subject since I first decided I wanted to make my SBE the "one gun for all occasions" type of gun.

Seems most resellers just repost the part of the ad that says "Fits SBE II and SBE models. (SBE only–requires new-style forend)" and doesn't know either. I have a WTB ad on GunBroker as well as a "Saved Search" to notify me of every HK / Benelli listed for a barrel (or complete gun if it is 24" or factory slug) and also I still buy mint M3 folders when I find them and considering some of the other early ones just for collecting.

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