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S.B.E. Price


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Originally posted by turkey:

What can one expect to pay for an original S.B.E in camo. I found a couple for $1059.00. I thought that was pretty high for a discontinued gun. Anyone find a better price?

Is it new? My buddy just paid $725 for a wood stock SBE in like new condition.
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Oddly enough, the market price on NIB SBE I's has actully held up pretty well, maybe even gone up a bit lately.


I guess some folks like the older style?


Best I can find is $999 for the black SBE (http://www.gunsamerica.com), so $1059 for the camo SBE is not too bad.


I think the trick would be to find a deal on the SBE II as it seems like deals are to be had there.


mudhen - CA

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Haven't seen a S.B.E. II around here since last fall. A couple of dealers have said they will order one with a significant deposit. With some of the horror stories I've read on this forum I think I'd rather wait until I see one on the shelf and can examine it before shelling out any cash.

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By Horror stories, what I was referring to was a few posts way back about ordering one and having to wait for a long time or finding problems with it when it came in and not being able to get deposit back. My point was that I had decided to wait until I found one in stock and not risk losing a deposit. I just haven't seen one in stock around here in a long time.

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