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Well, as some of you already seen my other post, I just purchased another M4. And upon inspecting the gun I noticed it did not have the bolt in the box. The LGS kinda jumped the gun and did the transfer before I got a chance to finish the inspection of my new firearms (3 total). The M4 was the last to get checked. After I noticed the bolt missing I called Buds Gun Shop (the place I purchased all three guns from) and they said that because the LGS already did the transfer they could not help me. I called Benelli and they was totally amazing. They called Buds to find out why they did not notice the bold missing and Buds said they do not open boxes to check serial numbers that they just go with whats on the box. Well, Benelli sent me my bolt free of charge and over nighted the shipping so I could get my M4 up and running. That is one reason I will continue to buy Benelli products and promote their brand every chance I get. Here is a pick of my M4 with all of the new hardware I put on it (all 922r compliant).

Photo 12-12-2016-08.26.50.jpg

Photo 12-12-2016-08.26.23.jpg

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The ATF would frown on their shop not visually inspecting the firearm to verify the serial number. Shame on them for not contacting Benelli for you and getting the parts enroute. Benelli's customer service may take a while, but they do take care of their customers. The replaced half of my 11703 M4 way back when per my request after the bolt battered itself to death.

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