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New M4 owner


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Hey folks. I've been considering an M4 for some time, and this forum was very helpful in making my decision. Over the next few months, my goal is to set it up for HD:

  • I ordered a Carrier Comp Ti Tube and follower (should get it in two months)
  • Got the FFT hand guards
  • Considering an AVA mount with a SF KE2-A light (I don't know much about lights so a complete solution is tempting)
  • Would like to add a T2 (although FFT rails are sold out and I am not sure if Carrier Comp still makes their rail)
  • Probably will keep the original fixed stock since the LOP doesn't seem too bad


Looking forward to interacting with all of you.

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Expect your carriercomp order to take 5-6 months.


Check the fit of your FFT handguards, make sure the barrel seats all the way against the receiver with them installed.


The Ava Tactical light mount is a good choice. As is the IWC mount. The Surefire KE2-A is the lamp head alone, that'll give you 500 lumens of output. You'll want an IWC backbone light body, the two cell m600 version. You'll need a modified tailcap or one of the aftermarket solutions from McClickie.


Look in to Scalarworks for a T2 optic mount.

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Thanks for the tips. I actually looked at the Scalarworks today. People were talking about their RMR mount, but I noticed that Aimpoint model is available as well. Even better, I could just get their T2 + mount combo and save a few bucks: https://scalarworks.com/shop/optic-bundles/sync-aimpoint-micro-t2-bundle/. I thought a mil spec rail would be more versatile, but I can't picture wanting anything other than an aim point on my M4


Looks like AVA makes turn key solutions: AVA Mod 1 Mount and complete Scout Style Light using a Surefire KE2-A 600 Lumen emitter. 600 Lumen KE2-A with Scout Style Body and McClicky Tailcap.


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Sounds like a good plan. So long as you're sticking with the factory fixed PG stock, I second going with the new Scalarworks mount for your Aimpoint Micro. Also second that AVA and IWC both make excellent weaponlight mounts for this application. Enjoy the new shotgun! My buddy & I took ours out this past weekend (his an 18.5" and mine a 14") and had a blast out in the desert.

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I've noticed the industry is moving towards dedicated mounts rather than acerage of rails. I'd go Scalarworks for sure. I've had the Carriercomp and FFT top rails in the past. They are good products, but the Scalarworks is better. It's lighter and will give you a cowitness through the iron sights. This will keep you from messing up the cheek weld. Both these rails are hard to find too.


Full disclosure, I am a Scalarworks dealer, so my opinion may be biased. I just mounted two of these today for the RMR's. They are awesome.


Ava Tactical packages are good stuff. I'd elect for one that uses the iwc backbone body since the Scout light bodies need modification to fit the mount.

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