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Maintenance of Magazine Assembly

The Rattler

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I have not found videos or pictures on how to remove the magazine tube and assembly on my 4 year old Montefeltro for general cleaning.


1. How do you get inside of the tube?


a. Is it through the tube end next to the receiver?


2. How do you remove the spring?


a. The follower seems designed to plug up the tube end. How do you get it out?


3. Can anyone direct me to a video or pictures of this process? A step by step description with pics would be ideal. Older posts on this forum on this subject used to have pics, but they have since been removed.


Also, I had my gun thoroughly broken down and cleaned 3 years ago. I do not believe the tube was easily turned then. I've heard that Benelli uses locktite to secure the tube to the receiver at the factory. After the gunsmith cleaning, the tube is loose to the touch, but I tighten it after every cleaning which is practically after every use.


4. Does the loose fitting mag. tube present safety concerns? If I remove the tube is it necessary for me to use locktite when reinstalling it?


I imagine these questions seem elementary, but that is the stage where I am now.



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1/2 - You have to remove the tube from the receiver.

3 - Yes, Benelli uses thread locker on original builds. If your gunsmith removed it, didn't use thread locker when it was re-assembled, and it's loose, just unscrew it from the receiver to deal with 1/2.

4 - It isn't absolutely necessary to use thread locker on the tube. Just make sure the tube is hand-tight before re-assembling the gun. When it's reassembled, the barrel nut and barrel assembly will keep the tube from backing out. For peace of mind, you could use blue thread locker which makes removing the tube less of an issue than with the original OEM thread locker.

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1. Before removing the magazine tube place a witness mark index on it relative to the receiver so the magazine tube can be restored to its exact position after removal. The barrel indexes off the magazine for proper head spacing of the cartridges, thus proper functioning.


2.Because of #1, you should use some modest strength thread locker to prevent the magazine tube from unscrewing from the receiver during recoils. A small amount on just several muzzle-end threads of the magazine will make any future removal much easier.


Photos by permission: Benelli Anatomy Series of Manuals



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