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Scalarworks Screw Head Size

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What size are these screws?


It finally showed up and now it's sitting on the shelf because I lack the tool for install. Why not include a 0.10 tool?


main critique so far

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50 Hilton St, Ste 101

Easton, PA 18042

M-F/9:00-17:00 EST




there you go, since you were Oh so helpful!


now you can see how they are Not open today..

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"They are T10 torx.

We are going to start including a T10 driver bit in the near future. We're also re-printing the instructions to include more information.

Thanks for your suggestion and understanding.

Best regards.




Look at that! An outstanding company.


I will be sure to reccomend the products!




I still believe customer feedback never hurts a constructive seller!


Ive heard so many complaints about the A&S color and branding, or the Carriercomp handles. But little action. Find some kid at a machine shop willing to make some.


That's my next mission if anyone has a CAD or basic drawing of the shaftttt..



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