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Breaking in a SBE 2


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I have been told that it is important to break in a Super Black Eagle 2 so it will be able to cycle lighter loads without a problem. I am just looking for suggestions on the best way to do this. I have been told to put 100 rounds of 3 1/2 inch heavy loads through it. This seems a little extreme and expensive. :eek: Any help would be appreciated.

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I dont know about break in. I bought mine got it home and gave it complete cleaning. That included trigger assy, bolt/firing pin, recoil spring, magazine tube. Put it back together and then shot a 12ga 3.5 BB thru it. I then put in three 2 3/4 1 1/8 #8 and it fired fine.

Just for the heck of it, I then put in three 1oz #8's. It fired them flawlessly.

Truth is this SBEII and a seond one I bought have been nothing but flawless with the super heavy 3.5 #1's and BB's, medium 3" #1's and 3's, and light 1oz #8 loads.

They are hunting shotgun's so the ability to shoot super light loads with them, is not really at the top of the list with me. But it is cool that they will.

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I'm with BLKLABMAN they are a hunting gun. I do shot sporting clays with my SBE and SBE II light loads #7.5 1oz. i have had no problems with jams. Yes i did shot some heavy loads through like you said but not 100 rounds. maybe 50 rounds of 3in #1's while duck hunting. no problems since.





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The Super Black Eagle is designed to shoot and cycle all loads from 2-3/4" standard field to 3-1/2" magnums. There is no "break-in" period or process required.

Follow the instructions in the owner's manual and you should have no problems. If you do have problems with the gun, call Benelli customer support. They are some of the best in the business.

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There may be no "break in period", but I do know that the day I bought by SBEII I also bought a box of 3.5", 3", and 2.75" shells. It shot the 3.5's and 3's just fine, but would stovepipe the 2.75's.


So for this entire duck season (I got the gun in November) I'm shooting 3.5" #2's of various brands for my break in period. After shooting at least 75 shells over various hunts, my gun now cycles the exact same 2.75" shells without any problem at all.


If you buy the gun for hunting, just use some 3.5's or 3's for awhile, and then you shouldn't have any problems.


Maddie- I'm no expert on this by any means, but I would think that if your gun shoots light loads right out of the box then you've got nothing to worry about. Just shoot it, and then throw some 3.5's in when hunting season rolls around.

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The manual for my SBEII on page 16 has:


WARNING: due to precision machine tolerances on your shotgun, some breaking-in period may be required before your new gun works perfectly with light target loads. If you experience any initial functioning problems, we recommend firing three or four boxes of standard hunting loads to allow for this break-in period.
From the URL:




Problem: What is the lightest load that my gun will shoot?

1. That varies depending on the type of gun. Generally, the following standards apply: The Sport will shoot down to a 3dr 7/8oz load; the M1-90 and Montefeltro 12-ga. will shoot a 2 3/4dr 1oz load; the Super Black Eagle will shoot a 3dr 11/8oz load; and the Montefeltro 20-ga. will shoot a 2 1/2dr 7/8oz load.


NOTE: Due to the fact that Benelli uses an inertia recoil operating system, modifications such as backboring, porting, and lengthening the forcing cone have a detrimental effect on cycling.

Regards threeshot
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