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duck calling?


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I recommend getting yourself a tape or CD. Several companies offer a package deal...the call and the tape. Get one of those for starters.


I learned to use diaphram calls for turkeys that way. Pop the tape into your vehicle as you drive to work/school and blow away on that call. So what if you look weird while you're driving...it's probably a more pleasant sound than you singing along to the radio.




(P.S. You know you've gotten good when you hit a duck while driving)

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Yep, 22 years of practice. Only felt good about it for about half of that. If I'd ever bought a tape or had someone good to mimic I might have improved sooner. That and when I had enough money to try different calls I was able to find some that seemed to fit me better than others. I've been able to help others by practicing with them and trying to explain what they need to do to call the way I do. And definately try to mimic the real thing whenever possible.

Check with your local Ducks Unlimited and any other waterfowl groups around. There may be somebody willing to help. There are people around who give lessons. Heck, you're in Illinois, maybe Jeff Foiles would do it. :D You never know I guess.

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Making the noise is easy. But a lot of guys don't pay any attention to what the ducks are doing. There are times when the hen mallard greeting call will cause ducks to instantly spin around and come your way. And then there are times when that same call will scare 'em away.


I carry three calls: an acrylic mallard call, an old wooden mallard call (softer and for days when #1 scares 'em, and a whistle for pintails and teal.

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