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Advice on Federal Flite-Control Ammo


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OK, so I'm looking into Federal's "Flite Control" ammo in various flavors.


I want it in 12 guage 00 Buck. My application is SD/HD. Benelli M4 with 7 + 1 + 1 capacity.


But now, my options have me a bit confuz-ed.


12 Gauge Federal Flite-Control 8 Pellet Buckshot Ammo


12 Gauge Federal LE12700 Buck Shot High Power ammo with Flite-Control Wad


12 gauge Federal Low Recoil 8 Pellet Buckshot FliteControl Wad ammo



What kind of sacrifice in performance am I looking at between these three options? That is, low recoil v. "regular" vs. "high power"?


Thanks for your thoughts/opinions.

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I've found that the Low Recoil 133/132, 8 or 9 pellet patterns much better at distance than the higher power versions. While you give up some muzzle velocity, that really isn't a factor in defensive shooting distances and the lower recoil is a benefit.

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