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turkey choke for Nova


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I learned my lesson the hard way this Fall. I had been pheasant hunting early in the day and decided to go turkey hunting in the late afternoon. I called one in (I kid you not! you can do it in the Fall!) to about 20 yards and got a good shot off. The turkey flapped from the impact, but then flew off. To my horror I realized that I had forgotten to switch chokes. I had left the modified choke in and had forgotten to switch to the full. I was using 3 " winchester 4 shot turkey shells.


That night I went on ebay and bought a Primos extra full ported turkey choke. I also bought Remington Hevi-shot.


The combination of the primos choke and the remington hevi-shot worked. I got my turkey. Hevi-shot is expensive, but it worked for me where the other less expensive shells didn't. To remind myself not to take frivolous shots as I was loading the hevi-shot shells in my Nova I would count, "2 dollars, 4 dollars, 6 dollars..." etc!


good luck.

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uh, yeah...!? sure about what? That I called in a turkey in the Fall? That I used a primos/hevi-shot combo? The proof was a delicious wild turkey Christmas dinner. No domestic turkey tasted better! There are two techniques for getting a turkey in the Fall: the scatter and assembly, or... using the kee-kee run shortly before roosting time. I used the latter.


You probably could use the factory full choke. You have time now before Spring turkey season to pattern a combination of chokes and shell

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Nice shot TurkeyKrazy! Congratulations.


Let me ask your opinion. Our state has several Spring seasons. I'm always in a quandry as to which season to chose. I chose a later one last year with no success. I think I'm going to go earlier this year. In your opinion is earlier better than later?

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I killed#1 opening morning.#2 was the next Thurs.#3 was on the Sat before Easter in the afternoon and I was done. I called 5 more for friends and they were all successful.Last year was my 1st year and I think it is a awsome sport. I actually think later is better because the Tom's run out if hens


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I am shooting the 12 gauge nova and a madmax from drury, in combination with 3.5 inch, #5's of hevi-shot. This is a deadly duo, You will find that if the bird is inside of 30 yards it almost blows the beak off the bird everytime! Theese are birds that the taxidermist can't do much with!! This is however an expensive combo , and you will probably find similar sucess with most aftermarket chokestubes.

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