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M4 Collapsible Stock Intermediate position, any use? Isoceles stance?


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I'm 6'2. . . the gun's wearing a co-witnessing RMR on scalarworks. Cheek weld at same position as fully extended, at intermediate, you can't see the sights.

I realize intermediate has utility when you have armor than makes your chest thicker. I was at a class recently where the instructor went to a more isoceles stance, and was lauding shorter LOP guns.

I found replicating this, with the stock at intermediate, I could cowitness keeping my head more upright/back than all the way forward on the stock.


Thoughts on this or intermediate stock position? Would this be something for smaller people to try out? Or is it truly just for armor?

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I'm 5'10" and use the middle notch for ease of handling for an isoceles stance.  I have an aimpoint on a scalarworks.  It's really my preferred way of handling a shotgun for heavy slug loads... but most of my training lately is for bear defense / euthanization.  Haven't used bird shot lately except for rapid loading practice

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