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Setting up a Benelli M4 for home protection??

Boom Stick

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I've recently acquired a Benelli M4 and want to set it up as a primary home defense weapon. Mine came with the 2 round limiter; so I immediately want a full length tube. I've came across a few things and I think I want a CC ti mag tube and a Briley trigger. That would keep me 922r complaint as I understand it. 


Is the Briley worth it in terms of performance? Or would this be looked at just to be complaint?


I think I want a GGG bolt release and a different bolt handle. And maybe a urbino stock with a limb saver.


Any suggestions on running an M4 for home defense?

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There are many options for a home defense M4 shotgun. Options will add weight and length, but you can tailor to your defense desires, size/shape of your home complex, and your personal physical characteristics. Personally, my primary home defense firearm is my S&W M&P15T, but I do have my Benelli M4 as a backup. 

Some items to consider:


Basic Stock Shotgun: Benelli M4 Tactical Pistol Grip Stock with Improved Cylinder Choke 12 Gauge

Vertical Rail Grip: MAGPUL RVG - Rail Vertical Grip

Picatinny Rail Mount Tri: Surefire M80 Picatinny Rail Forend Benelli M4 (Weight 8.00 oz)

Black Synthetic Picatinny Rail Covers: Low Profile MAGPUL XTMTM Rail Panels

Shell Side Saddle Receiver Section Attach: 3GunGear 8 Shell Side Saddle 3gg8SS to Support Benelli M4

Shell Side Saddle Rail Section: SideArmor Forward Shell Holder for Picatinny Rail 2 rds

Top Picatinny MILSPEC Rail: SideArmor Short Rail Picatinny for Benelli M4 Top Rail

Tactical Charging Handle: Carriercomp Titanium Hybrid Gen II Charging Handle Muted

Tube Magazine Replacement: Carriercomp DG Parkerized Tone Ti FL 7-rd Magazine Tube+Prem Spring+US Follower

Over-sized Bolt Release Button: GG&G Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad (GGG-1030)

Tactical Shotgun Stock: Urbino, Mesa Tactical Products; 2" Shorter LoP than Stock Benelli M4 (91470)

Hand Grip Sling Ambidextrous Adapter: KZ Benelli M1 / M4 Ambidextrous Sling Adapter

Front Sling Adapter: MAGPUL Rail Sling Attachment

HWS: Aimpoint Micro T-1, 4 MOA NVC Red Dot Sight 11830 + Tango Down IO Aimpoint Micro Optic Cover - Tan

Red Dot Scope Picatinny Rail Mount Short: LaRue LT661 (Short) QD

Flashlight Tactical Rail-mount: M600C Scout Light M75 Mount A009295 w/UE07 Plug-in Tape Switch

Laser Illuminator:  LaserLyte Center of Mass Dual Mode Green Lens - Black

Night Iron Sights: Meprolight Benelli Tru-Dot® Night Sight ML-34302 (Planet optics)

Barrel Ported Extended Chokes: Benelli TruLock Tactical, Carlsons Breecher, and Briley Ported Chokes

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I have every single thing you mentioned for sale if you're interested, minus the limbsaver.  I have one but I think I modified it to fit better so I'm going to keep that.  I also have the OEM standard stock and the Mesa Tactical Urbino.  Everything is brand new.  Let me know if you're interested.  I'm not giving the stuff away but I'll save you a few bucks from buying it new.

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10 hours ago, Boom Stick said:

Any recommendations for this?

I like ADM mounts for accessories. I do not use LaRue mounts for anything anymore. Quite often LaRue mounts require a tool to be able to move the mount from one rail to another. ADM mounts do not require a tool IF they need to be adjusted. I used to have LaRue mounts for everything, but after they failed to do what I wanted (swap from rail to rail), I have sold them all and replaced them with Bobro mounts and ADM mounts.

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On 7/5/2019 at 7:55 AM, NineInchNails said:

Full length magazine tube
GG&G bolt release
IWC Light Mount
Tactical light - Elzetta or Streamlight for instance
Red dot sight with QD mount - SIG Romeo 5

I prefer my tactical lights to have a QD mount so it can be removed quickly, used by hand or quickly attached to another weapon.

That's why I but LaRues with a throw lever.

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On 7/12/2019 at 9:01 AM, Retired said:

That's why I but LaRues with a throw lever.

Not sure what you mean. LaRue mounts need to be adjusted using a tool to the specific rail you intend to use it with. Often you find that when you remove the mount from one rail and try to put it on a different rail, the mount is either too loose or too tight and require adjusting with a tool to make it function. That is why I no longer use any LaRue mounts.

Bobro mounts are self-adjusting. ADM mounts can be adjusted using your finger tips. LaRue mounts require a tool. LaRue has recently come out with a new version of their mounts that can be adjusted using your fingers. I haven't seen any reviews for them yet.

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