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What aftermarket rail options are there for the M4?


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I’d guess not very well, but I haven’t handled an Acro. I know my T1 on a Larue low mount made the iron sights completely unusable on a carriercomp rail. 

I’d consider 86’ing the rear sight housing. You really don’t need backup sights on a shotgun. Having a less cluttered sight picture would be an improvement. 

This thread has some good photos of the T2 on that MI rail. Apparently it cowitnesses? I’m not sure how the Acro attaches. 

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I liked the Scalarworks but did not like the Trijicon (and they do not have one for Vortex). So, I removed the factory rail and iron sight and 1) rotated the factory rail to extend back over the spot where the iron sight had sat, 2) used a rotary tool to cut and shape the factory rail to fit the new position, 3) painted the modified rail, and 4) used locktite to bolt it into the new position.

This has taken off more weight than the Vortex Razor added.

I scratched off the paint from the Right side to show my tooling. NOTE: I also removed the front sight blade.

20190627_124102 (1).jpg

20190627_124123 (1).jpg

20190627_124032 (1).jpg

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