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FFT Forend- Questions


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I’m looking to complete my 922r compliance journey and have a couple of questions about FFT’s forend for anyone who has experience with them:

-From a feel and fit & finish perspective, is it largely identical to the stock Benelli forend?

-Any reason using one would cause issues with my IWC M4 Light Mount?

-Anyone gone to the FFT forend and been unsatisfied?

-Any other other options that are similar to the stock Benelli forend that I should consider over FFT’s?

Thanks in advance.  

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The fit and finish of the FFT handguards isn’t as good as the OEM ones. Usually they don’t seat evenly together. They function fine but there is a weird 1/16” offset usually. 

Dimensionally they are the same profile as the OEM and they feel the same. You will not have any issues with the light mount if you have none with the OEM handguards. 

The only other handguards I put in the maybe pile is the Strike Industries Hayle mlok rail. Then it is only worth considering if you replace the set screws with RTV. 

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I was going to say the same thing StrangerDanger said but he beet me to it...?

The FFT handguards feel a bit cheap compared to the OEM version. Like SD said, they dont seat evenly together almost as if after the injection molding was done the pieces retracted or bowed a bit while cooling.

The oem also have a bit of matt finish compared to the smoother FFT copy. 

I personally went back to the OEM handguards after I had acquired enough parts to be 922 comp.  I've tried just about every handgaurd for the M4 and at the end a well stippled OEM HG is the way to go.    

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Damnit, I was cautiously optimistic about FFT’s offering but quietly expected this response. Appreciate you both. 

I have a USA-made mag tube and follower. Can I be so bold as to ask for recommendations on what that 3rd compliant piece should be?


Thanks again. 


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2 hours ago, Jolly Roger said:


Extended carrier for sure and maybe a GGG follower and A&S Trigger housing.

Love it...

I currently have a CC mag tube + spring + follower onboard. 

Extended carrier by who do you recommend, JR?

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1 hour ago, StrangerDanger said:

If I recall, the shell elevators are not a compliance part.

I'm always confused.. 

Here is the list of parts you can change to be 922 




Bolt carrier

Gas piston

Trigger housing




Buttstock (with integral pistol grip)

Forearm/handguard (forend)

Magazine body


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