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Cycle issues

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Only info that I can offer is what I have read- that it is not uncommon to have issues with Fiocchi ammo in these guns. I would just stay away from it. Buy some good quality US made full power ammo, (if you can find any) run about a hundred rounds of it, before you blame the gun.

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Yeah, i’ve search on reddit and this forum and it seems a lot of folks are having issues with it. I’ve run around 300 rounds on it, cleaned and lubed it too. I’ll try running these fiocchis again.

ps. Not blaming the gun. You just assumed I was. :)

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1 hour ago, Evolution said:

I wasn't assuming anything, just was advising not to jump on the gun before you tried some better ammo, a lot of people do.🙂

Cool. Fair enough. :)

I actually shot a variety of ammo already. Slugs, 00, #4 bucks, low recoil bucks; none had issues. Only the rubber buckshot and this particular 00 buck I am having an issue with, both of them are fiocchi brand. I’ll keep a few to test every now and then as I rack up rounds.

Thanks for the info, super useful!

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I shot my brand new M4 for the first time recently and have this exact ammo - Fiocchi 00 Buck Defense Dynamics.  They didn't cycle at all.  Not a single one.   Unfortuntately, I bought two boxes of this.  

I also tried some Fiocchi Exact Buck shot, 9 pellet, 1325 fps.  They all cycled except one which nearly cycled, but just got caught by the bolt head as it was going out.  Maybe that was just unlucky.  

I also tried some Federal Top Gun Target, 8 pellet, 1200 fps.  Those started cycling better after I shot some higher power rounds.  Now, they hang up once in a while.  I am hoping it will get better as the gun breaks in.  

My son (12 yrs old) likes to shoot the lower power rounds, so he'll load in one of the low power rounds and just manually cycle it out.  

I tried some Aguila High Velocity 0 Buck - that cycled perfectly and had quite a kick!   All the slugs cycled perfectly also with a helluva monster kick!

The only mod I have done so far is the Mesa Tactical fixed stock as the Benelli fixed stock was too long for me and I wasn't able to shoulder it properly.  If the Mesa was another inch shorter, it would probably be perfect.  I do like the limbsaver pad on it.     


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Had this very same issue about 9 months back, only it was with Hornady's Critical Defense 8p 00 Buck.  Same as pictured, the shells would hang in the chamber.  Never did narrow down the cause definitively , especially considering I ran a bunch of other brands and shot types, none of which had an issue.  Even the "low recoil" stuff cycled perfectly out of the box.  My M4 only had about 200 rounds through it at the time, so I chalked it up to break-in period and moved on. 

In regards to Fiocchi, I've only fired their Exacta 27p #4 Buck, but never had an issue with it.  I searched around, but didn't turn up much.  It seems if anyone else had an issue with the Critical Defense in an M4, they didn't post anything about it.  It doesn't concern me so much, plenty of other brands to chose from.  I prefer Federal or Winchester myself, that's when it's available these days.  My only problem is now I have a case of shells I can't use at the moment..

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I've got a year-old Montefeltro.  I've run hundreds of Herter shells through it with no problem.  I ran out of Herter's and started using Winchesters and the eject problem started.  Traded for a box or Herter's and the problem went away.  Starting shooting Winchesters and the problem came back immediately.  Leads me to believe it may be shell related.  I also ran a couple of boxes of Fiocchi when the gun was new with no problems.  I've just purchased some Federal shells and will see what transpires with them.  All shells mentioned were 7 1/2 or 8 shot, 2 3/4" shells.  The only real difference is that the Winchesters were "Heavy Lead Load".

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I only have one range trip under my M4 belt but I started off with about 10 boxes of full power slugs and buckshot to break it in.  

Then switched to the low recoil Federal LE Flitecontrol 00 buck.  This cycled just fine and minimal recoil.  Needless to say the patterns this stuff throws at 25 yds is incredible.  I won’t be using anything else for a HD round.  I’m glad I picked up 50 boxes when it was available. 

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