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SBEII Recoil pad Best way to make it stay


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Ok I just received my new replacement recoil pad from benelli today. I have seen that there are others out there with the same problem of loosing thier rubber in the heat of the moment So..... what's the best way to make it stick. I wanna hear this from Benelli

A) glue? if so what kind

B) Tape so far my most secure option but looks like **** on a 1300$ gun

C) Any creative ideas!

But also what is the real problem. Is the stock spreading on firing, was the pad sized incorrectly at manufacture? is there a release agent that needs to be removed. Let us know so we can fix the problem.

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Lost my recoil pad last weekend hunting pheasants in SD - luckily I found it in the truck where it apparantly got wedged under the seat and pulled off. I'm going to clean it with rubbing alcohol, and try a small of silicon at both ends. I don't what it permantly glued, but it shouldn't come off unless I take it off.

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Well an interesting collection of comments but no reply from Benelli directly. It's beginning to seem that the SBEII is a gun with numerous problems all seeming to relate to quality control.

1) Recoil pads that fall off

2) A stiff safety

3) Choke tube wrench that does not fit all the tubes

4) Swivel point that dont universally fit all sling mounts

Realistically, all problems that should not exist on a $1300 firearm and are seemingly adresses in a piecemeal fashion ie only squeaky wheels get greased. The worst part is that the gun is still being sold in this manner. I spoke with my gun dealer this week and mentioned all the problems and he was surprised and stated he had heard nothing from Benelli on any of these issues but was now going to check each gun out carefully before selling them and would advise buyers to think carefully about the SBE or other guns. People have a high expectation from Benelli and considering the advertising and price of the product, deserve to have that expectation met. This is the first year of the gun being out in the market and all of us knowingly take a risk in purchasing anything in its inception year. But this gun is essentially a SBE with a frozen barrel and fancy stock , nothing more. Was it rushed into production, very likely but I hope Benelli will take the high ground and stop their production, corrrect the problems and do right by all those who have lent thier faith and hard earned cash to a company and product.

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I talked to customer service today about the recoil pad problem. The lady told me that some of the guns were sent out with a recoil pad which was too small and would not stay on. She said that if you have one of those pads you can contact them and they will send you one that fits correctly. If anyone tries this, let us know how it works out.

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There is a specific type of silicone adhesive that I’ve had tremendous success with its called E 3000 its available at any craft store and most home improvement places it comes in white or clear both work quite well, just make sure to follow the instructions on cleaning and set time. Caulk has no shear strength and is therefore a poor adhesive for any type of load bearing surface. Epoxy gets to hard and doesn’t like to stick to rubber or any thing that likes to flex or expand and contract at a different rate i.e. epoxy rubber to wood or metal when they get hot or cold they expand at a different rate and one side usually lets go at the worst possible moment and epoxy can be imposable to remove (birddog tongue.gif ) I use a lot of adhesives at work and the e 3000 is great. it flexes and if you absolutely must remove it can be scraped or cut. My favorite type of adhesive is windshield adhesive but its expensive and once its opened its junk in 4 hours unless you use it all, but it will stick anything to anything forever unless you can cut it with a razor blade.

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