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Hey Duggan


It is an auto.

It does not have a pistol grip.

It has a 26 3/4 barrel from the bigining of the receiver to the end.

It has only the one round sight at the end of the barrel.

It has an etched receiver with 8 etched lines running the length of the reciever.

On the barrel it has Canonnrie Manufrance Cal 12 Sainte-Etienne.

The etching appears to be on a silver inlay and I blieve the gun is approximately 13 yrs old

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How 'bout a photo dumb arse :D


What did Benelli say when you gave them the serial #?


Sounds like a frenchie gun - does it have a little white flag logo on it?


Does it have a handle on the barrel so the Nazis could take it from the cowering frog easier?


It taint a Benelli is my guess smile.gif


mudhen - CA

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Got your attention eh!

Thanks for the advise guys!

Does Benelli have an e-mail address?

Mudhen, the guns in pretty good shape exept for the swastika carved in the wood !! HA HA !!


Would they have been getting the French to manufacture the barells back 13 years ago?

Because it has ARMI BENELLI SPA etched on one side and MADE IN URBINO ITALY on the other.


I'll try and link a photo soon...

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Yes, Benelli has several e-mail addresses, but you're not getting them from me.

You've already annoyed enough people on this forum.

No sense in letting it spread any further.


Best guess - you're looking at a French receiver with a Benelli brand or Benelli made barrel.

More than likely, it's crap.

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I didn't know that Benelli made crap! I made reference to the barell having a french stamp on it, not the receiver.


If anyone besides Tucker has the e-mail address for an area of Benelli that could help me out, could you please let me know!


Then I won't annoy President Tucker anymore, that is if he does't speak for everyone!

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Glad to see you still may or may not know what you are looking at. 30 seconds in my Blue Book of Gun Values I would have told you the same. Your description of the gun was very vague even after being questioned further. Kind of like I have a car with 4 wheels can anybody tell me what model it is.

Seems you should have called your friend long ago.

Tucker and others do not speak for everyone but they will say what others won't. They did try to help you even with the limited info and no picture you provided. I believe the advise was free. C-YA

Tucker you seemed to have stepped on a little french toes here. Shame Shame.

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