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M3 finish wear


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If you are referring to the rub marks on the barrel, that can happen if you grip too hard and/or cycle it off center. I have two M3T's (top folders). The first one I got had it starting on one side. When I got it I just blasted away from it and I noticed it started getting that line on the other side as well. The previous shooter was left handed, I am right. It seems I push in towards the gun when I cycle it instead of front to back inline with the barrel.

On my 2nd gun, I by then had corrected my stroke (that's what she said ?) and never got any marks on the barrel. It still leaves faint marks on the rail points it glides on just like a 1911 or any other with visible rub points. All I can suggest is keep those points lightly lubed and cycle it in straight line. This design is MUCH better than the Franchi SPAS-12 design as far as exposed rub/wear surfaces. Franchi did improve that issue with the SPAS-15 with less visible wear. I bring those up since they are also semi-auto/pump designs.

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On 12/18/2020 at 3:22 PM, Scout_21 said:

I think he means the receiver bambi.  I've seen that wear on the new ones... not sure if bambi's exhibits the receiver wear too

Oh, OK. If he is referencing the area where the slide meets the receiver, then it is still possible to be the the same issue. You can see the rub marks follow the contour of the forearm. Other thought is perhaps they changed the dimensions of the forearm?!?
I've not seen any receiver wear on either of mine in the slide/receiver mesh area. Both of my current M3T's are HK import so they are not the recent re-release version.


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