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For the Sig P320 lovers here.


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I'll play.

Not a Sig fanboy however  somehow I have ended up with a bunch of them, maybe my Navy use of them after the Beretta 92 and 1911's. Only have one 320 I run in a Safariland drop leg rig; ~ 6K rounds thru this one. Started life as a VTAC flat 7 lb trigger and too big grip modules, purchased all of them, ended up with a Wilson Combat.  Use Safariland holsters for all of them.


SIg P320 Annotated Upgrades Nov 2020 copy.jpg

Sig P320 Safariland RDS Injection Molded ALS Holster Streamlight TLR-7A IMG_6781 copy.JPG

Sig P320 VTAC Wilson Combat Grip GLS Safariland Drop Leg Rig Photos 2020IMG_5804 copy.jpg

Sig P365 Magazine OptionsIMG_4971 copy.jpg

IMG_0643a copy P225 P6 copy.jpg

IMG_0743Sig 226 Blackwater copy 2.JPG

IMG_1058 copy P365 copy.JPG

IMG_1625 copy P239 copy.JPG

IMG_1656 copy P228 copy.JPG

IMG_1842 copy P224 P229C P229 copy.JPG

IMG_2035 copy P230 copy.JPG

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