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a sbe ??


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my sbe 2 is gonna be mine offically in 10 days so i was wondering about the break in thing i have a few 3'' shells left over from duck season i was wondering if like 20-30 was enough to make the sbe2 like the winchester AA target loads


the specs are

12 gauge 2 3/4 inches 1250 fps 1 1/8 OZ.


7 1/2 shot

or would my sbe2 shoot these just fine the first time i take it out?

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My SBE2 will shoot target loads with what little break-in it has had. Maybe 50 rounds of 3.5" shells. Make sure you learn how to completly disassemble the inerta system. Keep all components clean if you want to shoot the light loads.



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cnewt14, I started shooting those 1200-1250 fps 1 1/8 oz trap loads with my sbe II right out of the box, with no problems. After about 200 rounds, I had 2 hangups in one 25 round trap event when I was trying 1 oz loads. Looks like Benelli's advice about 1 1/8 oz minimum loads is right, at least in my case. I've gone back to 1 1/8 oz loads with no further problems.


You might as well fire off those 3" rounds, then try the 1250 fps target loads.

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Upon receiving your new gun, spend some time getting to know it while cleaning it before its first use.

Using the manual as a guide, disassemble the gun and clean the factory gunk from it. Then reassemble it, lightly oiling the proper parts. Remove all excess oil and wipe exterior surfaces dry.


About break-in:

Quoting the owner's manual,

WARNING: due to precision machine tolerances on your shotgun, some breaking-in period may be required before your new gun works perfectly with light target loads. If you experience any initial functioning problems, we recommend firing three or four boxes of standard hunting loads to allow for this break-in period.


[ 07-25-2005, 10:10 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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I pulled mine outta the box........put four boxes of 7/8oz Wally World loads through it the next day (that's all I had laying around)...without a hiccup...several hundred rounds later of all types...still no hiccup. With the exception of about four ooollllddd drylocs I had with rust on em that had been wet a few times....simply did not fire, even though the primers were well dented.

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each gun is different. i put about 20 rounds of 3 and 3.5 loads through it patterning, then shot 200 rounds of 1 oz. SC loads and and only had 2 hang ups, and they were within the first 50 rounds.


Neither of mine will fire 7/8 oz loads. My SBE has a sure cycle and has seen MANY days of duck hunting.

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