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Question regarding Cg&G follower for M4


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Is the CG&G follower a good addition to the M4.

The only problem I seem to have with my M4 

is that it will only take 4 in the tube with Federal 

Le 00 buckshot.

With other shells it will take 5.

Will changing the follower solve that?

What other positive or negative results will I see ?

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The follower isn't likely to make a bit of difference in magazine capacity.

Keep in mind that manufacturer shell  lengths vary, even within a given stated range such as 2 3/4in.

This variation sometimes leads to capacity issues due to the fact that even adding a small amount of length to each shell results in a significant overall length difference when shells are stacked end to end.

If you have access to different shells you can experiment to see if your gun will hold a full 5 rounds. If it will, then your problem is likely what I outlined above.

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Plenty of posts on here about not getting full capacity in the mag tubes.  While shell lengths do vary, the secret will be to cut your spring down a little and remove some coils.  Spring lengths vary as well depending on whose spring you are using.  There are posts about that as well and recommendations on how much to cut.  A place to start would be to see how much of that last shell sticks out of the mag tube when the spring is fully compressed.  If it's a 1/4" or so you can remove the spring and compress a few coils together to see what will give you that last 1/4". Then cut those coils off.  My experience has been that removing a few inches of spring either way was not that critical.  Obviously go slow until you remove what you need.  Having enough spring tension to soundly eject that last shell onto the shell carrier is critical.  When you have trimmed your spring to the proper length, turn the bitter end in and downward with a pair of needle nosed pliers.  When reinstalling the spring I like to make sure the factory finished end of the spring goes toward the follower and the ugly end that you just cut goes against the mag tube spring retainer clip.

Where safety glasses as shit can go flying in your face at the speed of heat with no warning!!!!!

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